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As of 5-5-2021 and for the next 40 days UBWA will have one of our storage tanks out of service for repairs. The tank affected is our Wilbur tank. It serves the Wilbur area out to Oak Hill Dr. We refer to this as the North Section of our system. We have reconfigured our distribution system, utilizing a series of control vaults in this area so that there should NOT be any change in service in the affected areas. The only thing one may notice may be a slight change in pressure at the upper elevations.

The maintenance on this tank will last for about 40 days. Once the tank is placed back into service, we will reconfigure our vaults to their previous positions and all service pressures that may have changed will be back to normal. 

The maintenance on this tank is imperative to our system and will extend its life for another 20 plus years. This does not affect any services in the southern portion of our system such as Melrose, Elgarose Lookingglass or Happy Valley Rd area.