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Planned and Unplanned Water Outages

Umpqua Basin Water serves a lot of customers over a very large territory. From time to time we have planned and unplanned water outages. The unplanned outages happens due to age of the infrastructure, homeowners and or contractors digging up our mainlines. The planned outages are mainly due to mainline extensions and for system maintenance.  

We do our best to try and contact all of the members that may be affected by an outage, but due to changing telephone numbers this is not always possible. Also, if the outage was not planned due to a line breakage, we may not have the time to contact the members that may be affected.  We will do our best to keep this page current with up to date  information on all planned outages. It may be difficult to keep this page current for unplanned outages due to staffing shortages during emergencies.

In case the supply of water to your home or business is interrupted, due to a planned or unplanned water outage and you have been using your hot water, you may want to shut off the power to your hot water heater until the water service has been restored.  
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This page was last updated: June 14, 2019
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Unplanned or Planned Water Outages 

As of 6.10.19, UBWA does not have any planned or unplanned outages. 
If you do experience an outage, please call 541-672-5559 and let us know.  

Click on the red button below for a list of any planned or unplanned water outages