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Umpqua Basin Water Association is governed by a Member Elected Board of Directors. The Directors are elected at the Annual Meeting on the 3rd Thursday in March. The Association is divided into six districts. UBWA has seven Directors with one from each district and one At-Large Director.

The Directors hold their positions for a term of three years unless re-elected by Association members for another term. There is no limitation as to how many terms a Director may serve. All Directors must be Members of the Association and reside in their District.

Please refer to the By-Laws of the Association for the description of the responsibilities of the Directors. You can contact the Board of Directors by calling the Associations office or by email using the Contact Us page of this website.

2018 Board of Directors

District One:
Sam Carter - Term Expires: 2019
Vice Chairman
North of the North Umpqua River - East to Brozio Rd.

District Two:
Kevin Bunnell - Term Expires: 2021
Lookingglass Area

District Three:
Jeff Byers - Term Expires: 2021
Military Rd, Diamond Heights, Braunda Dr., San Souci & Laurel Oaks

District Four:
Mike Brinkley - Term Expires: 2020
Melrose Rd West

District Five:
Alex Palm- Term Expires: 2020
Secretary - Treasurer
Curry Rd, Quail Lane, Fisher Rd, Conn-Ford to Melrose School

District Six:
Curt Sandfort - Term Expires: 2019
Del Rio Rd, College to Wilbur North

Mike Luttrell - Term Expires: 2019

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