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Umpqua Basin Water Association Inc. 
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Cost of a Membership

5/8" x 3/4"   (  1 EDU/ERU)    Membership     $    3,000.00
1"                 (  2.5 EDU/ERU) Membership     $    6,900.00
1.5"              (  5 EDU/ERU)    Membership     $  13,000.00
2"                 (  8 EDU/ERU)    Membership     $  20,500.00
3"                 (16 EDU/ERU)    Membership     $  41.800.00
4"                 (25 EDU/ERU)    Membership     $  64,700.00
6"                 (50 EDU/ERU)    Membership     $125,900.00

*EDU is Equivalent Dwelling Unit 
*ERU is Equivalent Residential Unit

At the December 2018 Board Meeting, the Board of Directors voted to 
leave the current base rate of $20.00 per month unchanged. 

Water Rates 2019:

                   3/4" Meter Base Rate fee:        $ 20.00 per month (includes first 1000 gallons)
Surcharge:                                $     .50 per 1000 gallons
1,000 gal to 50,000 gal             $   4.55 per 1000 gallons
over 50,001 gal                         $   3.10 per 1000 gallons

The State of Oregon calculates the average water used per month for a household of four at 7,500 gallons. Using the States average, the average bill with UBWA would be $53.33 per month. 

Your Water Bill

All water bills are processed at the end of the month and sent out on the last day of the month. Depending upon your local postal service delivery schedule, you should receive your water bill around the  4th or 5th of  each month. 

The due date for the water bill is on the 22nd of each month. If your bill is paid after the 22nd you will be subject to a late fee. Late notices are sent out on the 15th of each month. If you are 60 days past due then shut-offs and collections are generally done on the 25th of each month.

Due to a few complaints, the drop box inside Fred Meyer's on Garden Valley Blvd next to the Customer Service area, has been removed. 

 For Non-Payment guidelines, please see section 5, Article XI, Benefits and Duties of Members of the By-laws.  

What is your water bill telling you? Click here to see a breakdown of your water bill. 

For renters wishing to know the amount of their water bill, all you need to do is call our office anytime after the 1st of the month during our normal business hours and someone at the front desk will be able to assist you. 

Service Type and fee:

Change of Membership Owners:
  • Transfer fee:  (3/4" Meter)                             $150.00
  • Meter read fee:                                               $  40.00
                                  (Move In/Out, During normal business hours)                                             
  • Lock and unlock service fee:                       $  40.00 
                                                            (During normal business hours)         

Non-Payment of Water Bill:
  • Past payment collection fee:                       $  40.00
  • Lock or Unlock Service Fee:                       $  40.00
          (During normal business hours)
  • After hours lock or unlock service fee:      $120.00
Service Charges
  • Unpaid past due balance fee:                     $  5.00 Flat fee 
                                                                                          or 1.5% which ever is greater  
  • Insufficient funds (NSF):                             $ 40.00               

Customer Requests:
Water Leak Check on customers side of meter:
  • Normal business hours:                              $ 40.00 per hr (2hr min)
                                             (Plus materials & equipment)
  • After hours, weekends or holidays:          $ 60.00 per hr (2hr min)
                                             (Plus materials & equipment)                     

Umpqua Basin Water Assn.
The North Umpqua River
This page was last updated: March 18, 2019
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